Working with Your Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

For most people in Calgary, being charged with a crime is one of the most frightening and stressful experiences they will ever face. This is true regardless of the circumstances surrounding the charges laid against you, and whether or not you were arrested before being officially charged. The prospect of months or even years spent in jail, away from your family, your life, and your career, in addition to the stigma that a criminal conviction can carry, is enough to make anyone more than a little anxious.

To make matters worse, you'll be facing law enforcement officers, Crown prosecutors, and Calgary judges who deal with criminal law every day, while for you it is likely the first (and hopefully only) time in that the criminal code will ever have a direct impact on your life. You'll be facing a team of experts, with no knowledge or expertise of your own.

Partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyer, someone who can work as your advocate, and who also deals with criminal law on a daily basis, can not only lead to a better outcome for your case, but can also relieve a great deal of stress, confusion, and frustration as your case progresses. The more you're able to trust your criminal defence lawyer, the less emotional upheaval you'll experience.

Honesty is Key in Working with your Calgary Defence Lawyer

Trust only works when it works both ways, so the first step in a successful partnership with your defence lawyer is being open and honest with them about the situation that resulted in your criminal charges. Your lawyer should be knowledgeable and aggressive in fighting for your rights and your interests, but they should also be compassionate and reassuring, you need to know that they are on your side, and that you can trust them to do what's best for you after they have all the facts.

Your defence lawyer will have a lot of questions for you, and though it may be tough to answer them it's important that you do so completely and openly. If you hold back from your criminal defence lawyer, they won't be able to help you properly prepare for the case that the Calgary Police Service and Crown prosecutors may bring against you, and that puts you at a disadvantage. Even if it's information you feel is detrimental to your defence case, it's important that your defence lawyer knows everything you know, only then will they be able to put their knowledge of the law to best use.

A Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer You Can Count On

It's important for you to find a lawyer that provides you with the personal, compassionate, and aggressive defence you deserve. If you or a family member has been charged with a crime in the Greater Calgary Area and you would like a free consultation with a dedicated Calgary criminal defence lawyer, someone with years of experience fighting for the rights of ordinary Calgary citizens, please contact my office today.