Winter is a Terrible Season for a Calgary DUI

It's true that winter brings some additional obstacles and a few annoyances to Calgary every year, but it also brings a lot of beauty to our bustling city. Everything slows down a bit they have to, thanks to the weather and we get a chance to breathe in the fresh, cold air and enjoy the break before the busy spring returns (our long winters make us all the more appreciative of our springs and summers, too, so this colder season is a boon to Calgary in many ways).

There's one thing in Calgary that doesn't change with the weather, though. No matter what the season, it's a terrible idea to drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Not only does it place you and others on Calgary's roads at unnecessary physical risk, but it also carries a legal risk that might be more severe than you realize. You might be driving on emptier roads and (hopefully) travelling at slower speeds things to the ice and snow, but if you're arrested for impaired driving or "DUI" (driving under the influence), you could be facing significant financial penalties, serious disruptions to your career and other activities, and even time in jail.

So just in case you thought driving from one holiday party to the next after a couple of drinks wasn't really a big deal, this Calgary DUI defence lawyer thought she throw a word of caution your way.

Don't do it.

Calgary DUIs Carry Serious Penalties, Any Time of Year

If you are driving while your capabilities are impaired by alcohol or another drug—whether that drug is a legal substance like marijuana may soon be, something you were prescribed by a doctor like a painkiller, or an illicit substance such as cocaine you are breaking the law. On your first offence, you can have your license suspended, your vehicle impounded, and face additional monetary fines. Repeat offenders face these same consequences, and can even find themselves serving a year or more behind bars.

The law is very clear on this issue, and there's little room to reason your way out of an arrest if an officer believes that you're driving under the influence. Alberta law also establishes strict blood alcohol content (BAC) levels for Calgary drivers; whether or not you feel impaired, if you have a BAC over .05 you can face administrative charges for impaired driving, and a BAC of .08 or above carries automatic criminal charges (keep in mind that some individuals might be impaired with even lower BAC levels, and you can still be charged with a DUI even if you are below these BAC thresholds).

Other drugs do not have clearly defined impairment levels, but don't think that makes impaired driving easier to get away with. For illicit substances like cocaine or illegally obtained opiates like vicodin, oxycontin, and fentanyl, having any of the drug in your system while operating a vehicle on Calgary's roads could lead to a DUI charge.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor this season. Keep the partying indoors, and wait until you're fully sober before you drive. Your life, and your clean criminal record, are well worth it.

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