Vandalism, No Theft, in Calgary Petty Crime Spree

The odd broken window or side mirror is nothing out of the ordinary for Calgary police, but 30 vandalized vehicles in one night is something else entirely.

"We haven't had anything similar to that recently," said Const. Karen MacLeod. "Often something will happen like, car windows or side-view mirrors, but I've never seen over 30 vehicles targeted in one night."

Many residents of Ogden, Kingsland, Oakridge, and Palliser awoke on the morning of October 12 to find cars on their streets with smashed or shattered windows, windshields, and mirrors. The vandalism took place overnight, and no evidence has been found that might lead police to a suspect for the crime.

According to Calgary police, the vandal(s) might have used a pellet gun to do the damage, but that evidence is not conclusive. Police also suspect that the cars were vandalized by someone on foot or from the driver's side of a vehicle, given the pattern of damaged vehicles that were left in the wake of this petty crime spree.

Interestingly, nothing of value was taken from any of the vehicles, despite the many smashed windows making for easy access. Whoever perpetrated the crime, profit does not appear to have been part of their motive.

Given that over a week has elapsed without further word regarding a suspect or any additional evidence, it is unlikely that this crime will be solved, however anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to contact the police or to place an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers.