Understanding All Victims of Calgary's Assault Charges

There is no question that being the victim of an assault or any violent crime can be a traumatizing experience. The emotional and psychological impacts of an assault event can last far longer than any physical harm, and it is important that such offences are taken seriously.

It is also important that Calgary, its court officials and law enforcement agents, and its citizens take the defence of those accused of assault seriously, too. The emotional and psychological impacts of an erroneous assault charge can also be devastating, whether the accused was acting in self defence, has been mistaken for the actual assailant, or is a victim of a malicious and unfounded accusation.

All of these things can and do occur, in Calgary and throughout Canada, which is why the presumption of innocence is such an important part of our laws and our criminal justice system.

Providing a defence for those in Calgary accused of assault and other violent crimes is not about diminishing or invalidating the experiences of those who have been assaulted. It is not about turning victims into guilty parties, on either side of the case.

I defend clients throughout the Greater Calgary area who have been accused of assault because I believe that everyone is entitled not only to tell their story, but to have that story heard and judged on its merits by Calgary police and in a court of law.

Defence law is about ensuring fairness and justice for everyone in Calgary, and those accused of assault deserve no less.