The Best Way to Beat a Calgary DUI? A Defence Lawyer's Secret: Part 2

As you read in Part 1 of this article, DUI charges are among the most common criminal charges brought against Calgary citizens and filed with the Calgary courts. You also learned that the new DUI laws in Calgary not only establish criminal charges for DUIs involving a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08 or higher, but that they also establish much harsher penalties for DUIs than previously existed and, most importantly, grant broad powers to the Calgary Police and other law enforcement agencies when it comes to invading your privacy—and arguably even your rights in their investigation of DUIs.

You also learned my "secret" tip when it comes to DUI charges: obey the law and don't argue with law enforcement officers. While it might be disappointing that I don't have any inside info on how to "beat the system," I wouldn't be doing my best for my clients or the Calgary community at large if I told you there was a better way to avoid penalties for impaired driving. There isn't a better way. The absolute best way to avoid a charge for impaired driving is to avoid driving if you've been drinking any alcohol (or imbibing any type of intoxicating drug), period. And if a law enforcement officer asks you to take a sobriety test, either at the roadside or with a BAC analysis at a nearby facility, it is generally in your best interests to comply.

This doesn't mean you can't fight a DUI charge, though. Many impaired driving charges are laid erroneously and/or involve law enforcement errors, and no matter what your circumstance you are entitled to raise a vigorous defence and to partner with a Calgary DUI defence lawyer who can help.

Your Calgary Defence Lawyer is Your Best Friend When Charged With a DUI

As difficult as the law makes it to avoid the hassles of law enforcement when it comes to suspected and alleged DUIs, there is one thing Calgary's DUI laws can't touch: your right to partner with an experienced defence lawyer. Though law enforcement officers like the Calgary Police may have the leg up in terms of acting on their suspicions, and while Crown prosecutors have experience on their side when it comes to pursuing charges, you are entitled to professional legal assistance that helps level out the playing field.

While there might not be any "secrets," exactly, a Calgary defence lawyer with experience handling DUI cases will know plenty about the process of fighting a DUI charge that the average Calgarian would never think of. Working with a lawyer, you'll have a better understanding of all of your options and greater confidence in the defence strategy you and your lawyer decide to pursue.

Don't let the unfairness of Calgary's DUI laws get you down, and don't let Calgary's criminal justice system intimidate you into giving up. Obey the law and you'll have a good chance of avoiding a DUI charge, and if you are charged, call a lawyer ASAP!

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