Talking to Your Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer About Sexual Assault

No matter what specific circumstances lead to your being charged with a sexual assault in Calgary, the experience of defending yourself against the charge will likely be one of the most difficult things you will endure in your lifetime. The stigma associated with a sexual assault can be severe, and often comes into play from the moment an accusation is made, before you've any chance to tell your side of the story, let alone had the trial you're entitled to.

Then, you may find yourself needing to discuss extremely personal and intimate details of your life with a relative stranger, your criminal defence lawyer. This only makes the process more difficult, and the impulse to simply throw in the towel is understandable.

It is not, however, advisable.

An experienced Calgary defence lawyer will approach your case with compassion and understanding, and will only ask for the information they need to help provide you with the best defence possible. They have a legal and an ethical obligation to treat you without judgement, and to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome with your case.

It is important that you find a Calgary criminal defence lawyer that you trust, and who you feel open and honest enough with to answer their questions completely and transparently. A defence lawyer with compassion, dedication, and experience will be able to fight on your behalf while making the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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