Suspected DUI in Calgary? A Lawyer's Tips on What to Do

The best legal advice you'll ever get concerning a DUI in Calgary is this: don't drive when you're impaired.

Mistakes happen, though, both on the part of drivers and the part of law enforcement officers in Calgary who may incorrectly suspect a DUI. In either event, there are ways you can help your case and provide yourself the best possible defence.

Here they are, straight from one of Calgary's leading DUI defence lawyers to you.

1. Cooperate with Calgary Police and Other Law Enforcement
You won't do yourself any favors by arguing with Calgary Police officers when you're pulled over. You are also required by law to perform roadside sobriety tests and to provide a roadside breath analysis when requested, refusing is a crime in and of itself, completely separate from a potential DUI charge.

2. Identify Yourself, Then Keep Quiet
You are also required to identify yourself to law enforcement officers when requested, and to provide some other basic information. You do not have to answer any other questions, though, and you have the right to have a lawyer present whenever law enforcement would like to question you. To that end...

3. Call a Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer ASAP
You are entitled to contact a defence lawyer as soon as is practically possible following your arrest or detention for suspected DUI. Request that phone call ASAP, and contact an experienced Calgary DUI defence lawyer to get the help you need right away.