Stop Gang Related Charges Without a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

If you or a family member is already facing charges in Calgary courts for a gang-related criminal offence, a criminal defence lawyer with full knowledge of the law and experience handling cases like yours can most likely be of substantial help. The courts and Canadian law recognize the significance of having a lawyer by your side, and you are entitled to consult with a criminal defence lawyer from the moment you are arrested or charges are laid.

By the time things have progressed that far, though, you've already missed many opportunities to avoid getting tangled up in gang activity and gang-related crimes. Calgary has several programs in place to help steer those most at risk for engaging in gangs and other criminal activities towards brighter paths, and a defence lawyer doesn't have to be a step along the way toward a free and happy future. If you're concerned about gang activity, you can stop the problem before getting lawyers involved.

Calgary's Intervention Programs Are Your Best Defence Against Gangs

For children in Calgary ages 10-17 who live in communities and/or families that put them at risk for gang involvement, help is at hand! The Youth at Risk Development Program or "YARD" is a city-run program with a great track record in keeping kids trouble-free. Working with your family and your at-risk youth's school as well as other community groups and agencies, every YARD team, consisting of a social worker and an officer from the Calgary Police Service, designs and implements an individual plan to help every YARD participant avoid or escape gang involvement. Because gang involvement starts during or before adolescence for many of Calgary's gang members, this program is effective at helping individuals make the right choices and in reducing the overall prevalence of gang activity throughout the city and the greater Calgary area.

There are also many other gang intervention programs and resources offered by a variety of Calgary agencies and community groups. Whether you, your child, or another family member has already been through the courts or faced any gang-related or other criminal charges, or if you are simply concerned that someone close to you might be headed down a less-than-desirable path, there are plenty of ways you can get help to defend against gang influences in your family and your community. When there are teachers, social workers, counselors, and more can turn things around before the criminal justice system gets involved, a defence lawyer really is your last resort.

Calgary's Defence Lawyers Are Here When You Need Them

If gang involvement has already become a criminal justice problem in your family, you're not alone. You don't have to face law enforcement or Crown prosecutors by yourself. A criminal defence lawyer with experience handling gang-related charges can help you explore options and defence strategies you might not have considered. For a free consultation with dedicated Calgary criminal defence lawyer Susan Karpa, please contact her office today.