Simple Assault and Your Calgary Defence Lawyer

Criminal defence law in Calgary and throughout the world uses many terms that might be confusing or misleading to the average individual. From Latin phrases that many don't understand at all to common terms that have special meanings in legal settings, the language of a defence case might leave you in the dark or cause you to assume things that aren't actually true.

The criminal offence of common assault, also sometimes referred to as "simple assault", is a prime example. Many individuals in Calgary who find themselves accused of simple assault might assume they are facing a minor infraction and that the process for resolving the issue won't be at all complex, difficult, or time consuming; with a name like "simple" or "common" assault, the implication seems to be that the matter is, well, simple.

While it is true that some common assault charges can be tried as summary offences rather than indictable offences, with what is typically a faster trial process and with penalties that are lower than those for indictable offences, no criminal charge is truly "simple" to defend against. If you have been charged with assault in Calgary, not matter what adjective precedes the word "assault," you need to take your case and your defence seriously.

Facing an Assault Charge With Your Calgary Defence Lawyer

The outcome of your assault charge can affect the rest of your life. A conviction even for common or simple assault, can land your with a permanent criminal record and the unfortunate and unfair stigma that comes with it. You may also face significant fines that can place a financial strain on you and your family, and you may be required to serve time in jail, a significant disruption to your family, your career, and your life.

Even before your case reached a conclusion, and before the determined outcome is put into action, attempting to handle a common assault charge on your own will unquestionably be a disruption as well. It will add a large amount of stress and take up a great deal of your time, and missing key deadlines or failing to follow appropriate procedures with paperwork and other interactions with law enforcement and the Calgary courts can dramatically impact your defence and your future opportunities.

Working with an knowledgeable and dedicated Calgary criminal defence lawyer on your common assault charge is the best way to keep your life moving forward, both as your case progresses and following its conclusion. Partnering with a legal professional who has both the education and the experience to effectively navigate the best possible defence for your simple assault case gives you the best chance at the best possible outcome. You'll also be able to focus on the things that are most important in your life while your defence lawyer handles law enforcement and court requirements for you.

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