Rowbotham Application for the Calgary Defence Lawyer You Deserve

Just because you were denied Legal Aid doesn't mean you can't get the experienced Calgary defence lawyer you're entitled to.

You know that an experienced defence lawyer is an important asset if you've been charged with a crime in Calgary. After all, there's a reason that your right to consult with a lawyer is one of the first rights enumerated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the right for ordinary citizens to protect themselves against a criminal justice system all but design to convict them is essential in any free and democratic society.

Yet legal assistance is anything but free. The typical defence for even the seemingly simplest of charges can take dozens of hours for an experienced defence lawyer. That comes with a cost that may be prohibitive for many in Calgary charged with a crime, which is why Legal Aid exists. Legal Aid Alberta and its Calgary office helps those who meet certain income eligibility requirements and are charged with serious crimes—charges for which a jail sentence is likely upon a conviction, pay for the legal defence they're entitled to by law.

But what happens if you feel you can't afford the typical fees for a Calgary defence lawyer, but you're denied help from Legal Aid due to your income or for another reason? That's where a Rowbotham Application comes in.

A Rowbotham Application Can Help You Pay for Your Calgary Defence Lawyer

If you have financial need but don't qualify for help from Legal Aid, you can petition to have the judge in your case assign a Calgary defence lawyer to you that the government will pay for. The form you need to file when making your request is known as a "Rowbotham Application," named after a case in Ontario that made it mandatory for the government to provide a defence lawyer in certain circumstances.

As with Legal Aid, you may be required to pay back some or all of what is paid to a defence lawyer on your behalf. Also as with Legal Aid, in order for your Rowbotham Application to be successful you will need to demonstrate that you have been charged with a serious crime where a jail sentence will be sought if you are convicted. You will also need to demonstrate that you have applied for and been denied assistance through Legal Aid Alberta in order for a Calgary judge to approve your Rowbotham Application.

You don't have to wait for a judge to choose your defence lawyer, though. In fact, an experienced Calgary lawyer can help you with a Legal Aid application and with a Rowbotham Application should you be denied Legal Aid assistance. Everyone is entitled to a defence lawyer they trust to help them see their case through; Legal Aid and Rowbotham Applications help those without the financial means to get the legal help they deserve.

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