Plea Deals in Calgary Criminal Defence Cases: Pleading Guilty is Harder Than You Think

Imagine this scenario (or maybe you don't need to imagine it):

You've made a mistake. The kind of mistake that leads to you being arrested by the Calgary Police and/or charged with a crime by Crown prosecutors in the Calgary courts. You know you made the mistake, and you know it shouldn't cost you years of imprisonment, separation from your family, the loss of your career, and other extreme penalties. You're also sure that a judge and jury will see things your way, too they'll see that what you did was a one-time mistake, and whatever penalty they hand down will fit the circumstance.

That's why you've decided you don't need a criminal defence lawyer. The years of education and experience a Calgary lawyer can bring to the table isn't necessary, because you're simply going to make a deal with the Crown prosecutor, plead guilty, and handle the penalty you agree to. After all, it was just a mistake; no need to overcomplicate things, right?

Dozens if not hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people in Calgary go through this scenario every single year. They feel that the criminal charges they are facing aren't really all that serious, that the mistakes they've made are minor, and that the law and the criminal justice system couldn't possibly treat them too harshly given the circumstances. Unfortunately, dozens if not hundreds maybe even thousands or people in Calgary also learn that this is making one mistake right after another, and that the mistake of trying to negotiate your own guilty plea can end up costing you as much or more as the original mistake of your crime.

Why a Calgary Defence Lawyer is a Good Idea, Even If You're Pleading Guilty

The simple truth is that Calgary's laws and criminal justice system can be complicated, and having an experienced criminal defence lawyer on your side gives you a major advantage. To put it another way, not having an experienced criminal defence lawyer to advise and guide you puts you at an extreme disadvantage.

You're facing law enforcement officers, Crown prosecutors, and Calgary judges who deal with the criminal justice system every day. They know exactly what crime(s) they can charge you with, what penalties those charges can carry, and the likelihood of securing a guilty verdict if your case goes to trial. They will be able to weigh all of the facts of your case and make decisions accordingly, while you'll be operating with virtually no information or experience.

Do you know the penalties you might face if you plead guilty? Do you know if there are lesser crimes you might be able to plead guilty to instead? Other arrangements that can limit your fines and jail time and preserve your ability to move on from your mistake quickly and easily?

A dedicated Calgary criminal defence lawyer knows all of these things and more, and is the most valuable asset you can obtain when you've been charged with a crime. Even if you're planning on pleading guilty. Don't make your mistake worse by making another one, contact a defence lawyer for a free consultation today.