Pain Pills and Calgary Drug Laws: Are You At Risk?

Despite many headlines and an ever growing problem, according to some, of opiate and opioid addiction, you may not be aware that Calgary is suffering from a health problem that unfortunately (and unnecessarily) overlaps with a law enforcement issue.

The use of prescription painkillers and imitation "street" drugs for recreational purposes is risking both medical and legal trouble; not only are physical dependencies and fatal overdoses very real possibilities, but you could also find yourself facing drug-related criminal charges in the Calgary courts even for casual use or simple possession.

If you are charged with illegally selling or otherwise distributing prescription painkillers to others in Calgary, the charges and the consequences can be even more serious.

When you are prescribed painkillers like vicodin, oxycontin, and other opiate-related drugs, you actually have a legal responsibility for the pills you receive. You are only supposed to take them according to the instructions you receive from your medical professional, and transferring them to someone else, whether or not you actually profit from it, can potentially lead to a charge for drug trafficking,

Using deceptive practices to receive multiple prescriptions can also lead to criminal charges in Calgary, and if you have a habit of abusing your medication and driving on Calgary's roads while impaired that can be charged as a crime in and of itself.

In short, while you're entitled to medication for legitimate pain, anything else can land you in legal hot water. Be careful, keep control over your prescription drugs, and stay on the right side of Calgary law.