One Calgary Lawyer's Approach to Criminal Defence

Some areas of the law are fairly black and white, and successful performance as a lawyer means understandings the intricacies and the ins and outs of the law itself a knowledge of facts and the ability to apply those facts to a given situation. Criminal defence involves this kind of knowledge and understanding, too, but there's a lot more to it, as well. Successful criminal defence cannot be defined in purely legal terms, but must also weigh the human components of every charge and every defence case.

Every defence client must be treated first and foremost as a person, no matter what crime they have been accused of or what other complications are a part of their case. From alleged gang members to those charged with a DUI/DWI offence to anyone facing charges for "white collar crimes," everyone deserves not only a fair consideration under the law but also to be treated as a full human being throughout their defense proceedings. People matter in an of themselves, and effective criminal defense lawyers recognize this and put their clients' importance ahead of everything else.

Accused Persons in Calgary Should be Accorded Respect

In many jurisdictions throughout the world, including the United States, someone facing a criminal charge is called a "defendant." Their identity becomes inseparable from the way they are perceived by the criminal justice system and officers of the court. In Calgary area courts and throughout Canada, however, someone facing a criminal charge is called an "accused person" their identity as a person is not diminished, and though the fact that they have been accused of a crime is still important it is not the only factor considered relevant to their case.

The distinction between a "defendant" and an "accused person" might seem trivial or purely academic, but it goes to the heart of how criminal defense lawyers in Calgary and for that matter, Crown prosecutors, judges, and other court officials are expected to perceive and approach those facing criminal charges. Beyond the assumption of innocence until proven guilty, which is a hallmark of modern criminal justice systems the world over, the "accused person" nomenclature reaffirms the humanity of each and every client any criminal defence lawyer may encounter.

Effective criminal defence means effectively responding to each person and their individual needs, not simply to the crime(s) they have been accused of committing.

Compassionate Criminal Defence for Calgary and Beyond

Not all accused persons in the Calgary area will find it necessary to contact a criminal defence lawyer. If you do seek the advice of a lawyer, though, you deserve one who will see your case from your perspective and who will make the outcome as important to them as it is to you. For a free consultation with a compassionate and experienced Calgary defence lawyer contact Susan Karpa today. You deserve to be treated like a person, not simply an alleged criminal.