New Calgary Police Chief Vows to Make City Safer

The Calgary Police Service has a new Chief!

Roger Chaffin, a thirty year veteran of the CPS, has taken a vow (along with the rest of the Calgary Police) to make the city safer, and to continue an effort to focus on crime prevention and not focus solely on enforcement.

As Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said, "they're exceptionally good at catching bad guys ... but they're also exceptionally good at working to make sure there are no bad guys in the first place."

Dollar for dollar, crime prevention is more efficient and effective for Calgary than detecting, investigating, and prosecuting criminals, and it produces stronger Calgary communities as well.

According to many of Chaffin's colleagues, he's the right man to helm Calgary's policing efforts.

"Deputy Chief Chaffin is described by many people both inside and outside of the service as a thoughtful and outstanding leader, a respected mentor, and a trusted colleague," says CPS Commissioner Rod Fong.  

While criminal defence lawyers and police chiefs might seem to be on opposite sides of many issues, in truth we are both hoping to create a Calgary that is safer and more just for everyone that lives in it. Both jobs are tough and fraught with a variety of considerations, and Chaffin seems up to the task of tackling his obligations admirably.

I look forward to a new era for Calgary and its police force, and congratulate Chief Chaffin on his appointment.