Marijuana Drug Offences in Calgary

One of the big problems in cases of drug-related offences is that the accused is generally misinformed about controlled substances and the laws that apply to them. Of particular concern is the legislation surrounding marijuana. Though this substance has become popular as a recreational drug and less taboo in recent years, and the laws controlling it are not as strict as those governing harder drugs, many people in Calgary are surprised to find that the possession of marijuana can still result in criminal charges.

Is Marijuana Possession in Calgary a Drug Offence?

It is a common misconception that Calgary law allows for the possession of small amounts of marijuana. This is not the case. The only exception is made for those individuals who have been granted access to marijuana for medical purposes, a privilege that must be applied for according to the rules set forth by the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Even then, the amount of dried marijuana that an individual is allowed to possess is capped at a quantity specified by their Authorization to Possess or 150 grams, whichever is lower.

Further, the use of marijuana while driving is strictly prohibited. Regardless of your Authorization to Possess, if you are caught operating a vehicle in Calgary while under the influence of drugs, including medically authorized marijuana, you may be charged with impaired driving.

These regulations exist due to continued public health concerns surrounding marijuana. According to research, smoking marijuana will lead to at least a mild addiction in roughly a third of users, and marijuana use has been linked to the development of cancer, schizophrenia, and other health problems. In fact, today's marijuana plants have grown more potent and addictive than the plants of thirty years ago, and the varieties grown by unregulated vendors are often tainted with pesticides and poisons that can cause other health problems when ingested.

How Can a Calgary Lawyer Help in a Drug Offence Involving Marijuana?

If you are accused of the possession of illegal drugs in Calgary, including marijuana, you have options available to protect your rights. If you were misinformed about the legality of the drug in your possession, a defence lawyer may be able to help you to establish this to authorities and mitigate your charges. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your drug-related charges, an experienced criminal defence lawyer will be able to help you understand what you're facing and help you explore options to put your case behind you as quickly as possible.

If you or a family member has been charged with a drug offence in the Calgary area, whether it is related to marijuana possession or another illicit substance, contact Susan Karpa today for a free consultation. With many years of experience in drug offences and other criminal cases, she will ensure your case moves forward in a manner that puts your best interests ahead of all other considerations. You don't have to face this charge alone, and you'll often be best served with a defence lawyer at your side.