Information from a Calgary Defence Lawyer for Those Accused of Assault

If you've been accused of assault in Calgary, chances are you feel overwhelmed by the chain of events that led to where you are now, and by the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The prospect of a criminal trial, substantial fines, and even time in jail or prison can make it impossible to focus on your defence, and if you're like most people in Calgary you don't know a legal professional you can turn to for reliable, trustworthy legal advice.

While I, like any other Calgary defence lawyer, can't provide  advice that is specific to your case in a simple blog post, I can offer some general information that might ease some of the pressure you're feeling. While an assault charge is a serious thing, it isn't something that has to irrevocably alter the course of your life.

Understanding How Your Assault Charge Arose

One of the first hurdles many of those in Calgary accused of assault must overcome is simply understanding why they are being charged with assault in the first place. Not all assaults charges brought before the Calgary courts are brought after an incident of physical violence; intimidating someone with the threat of violence, whether vocally or with physical gestures, including showing a weapon in a threatening manner, is grounds for an assault charge, as well.

In addition to assault charges brought as a result of intimidation, any unwanted touching at all can lead to an assault charge. There doesn't have to be a severe injury caused, and it doesn't necessarily matter if someone else started a physical altercation. If you purposefully touch someone with the intent to control their movements or cause them some form of harm, and if this touching isn't related directly to your self-defense or the defense of others, you, may be arrested by the Calgary Police and charged with assault.

Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Assault Defence

If you've been arrested and/or charged with assault, if you attempt to contact the alleged victim you can run the risk of being charged with another criminal offence. Even if you feel that your assault charge is a misunderstanding between family or friends, and that you can work it out without getting the Calgary courts involved, once a charge has been filed any communication you have with the alleged victim can result in you potentially being charged with obstruction, or breaching your release conditions.

The person you should communicate with is a Calgary defence lawyer who has experience handling assault cases. Your lawyer should be handling communications with the Calgary Police, with Crown prosecutors and other court officials, and with anyone else connected to your case and your defence.

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