How to Get Assault Charges Dropped

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Assault charges are frequently laid by police. In fact, they are arguably some of the most frequently charges offences. Assault charges are often the result of a “he said/she said” situation, where there are two competing versions of events.

There are steps that can be taken by a criminal defence lawyer to have your assault charges dropped.

First, receiving and reviewing the prosecution’s case against you is paramount in determining if there is any merit to the allegations, which often there is not. Oftentimes people think that a complainant’s allegation alone, that is, without any other “evidence” means that there will be an automatic withdrawal or dropping of the charges. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case. That said, with a criminal defence lawyer’s skilled review of the file, and negotiations with the prosecution, it very well can lead to the assault charge being dropped.

Second, obtaining the client’s version of events, and comparing it to the allegation the complainant is making, and obtaining any corroborating evidence from the client will assist in being able to mount a viable defence to the assault charge.

Third, determining if negotiations with the prosecution would work to have them drop the charge. Strategically, it may not be the best approach in all cases to approach the prosecution with the client’s version of events. In some cases, it is the best approach. This assessment can be made by an experienced criminal defence lawyer. If the lawyer provides advice to the client to proceed to trial, then the defence can be put forward at trial. The trial Judge would then make a determination if the prosecution has proven the assault charge “beyond a reasonable doubt”. If they have not, then the charge against the client will be dropped (dismissed). That is, the client will be found “not guilty”.

There are several strategies and approaches to criminal assault charges that a skilled criminal defence lawyer can use to lead to the best possible outcome of the assault charge being dropped.

It is important to have the best possible legal representation when dealing with assault charges. A large component of my criminal law practice is defending clients who have been charged with assault. The majority of the assault cases I have dealt with have resulted in the charges being dropped. Contact me today for a free initial consultation for your assault charge.