How a Calgary Defence Lawyer Can Assist with Drug Charges

Although Alberta's laws, lawmakers, and law enforcement agencies are beginning to treat some drug offences as public health issues rather than as criminal offences like any other, there are still many arrests made in the Calgary area each day on the basis of simple drug possession. If you have any controlled substance on your person or in your property, including your home or car, and you don't have the legal authorization to possess that substance (such as a prescription in the case of many opioids and narcotics), you are at risk of being arrested and charged with a drug offence.

There are also more serious drug charges, such as possession of drugs with the intent to sell them or drug trafficking, that result in many criminal cases before the Calgary courts each year. No matter what the nature of your drug charges or the circumstances surrounding your arrest for suspicion of a drug-related offence, an experienced Calgary defence lawyer will be able to assist you in putting your case forward so as to best protect your rights and interests.

Your Defence Lawyer May Be Able to Divert Your Drug Case

Though it isn't an option in all drug-related charges, some of those in Calgary accused of drug-related crimes can have their cases diverted to Calgary's Drug Court, which provides rehabilitation services to help drug addicts overcome their addiction and become stronger members of the Calgary community. Spaces in the drug court program are limited, and there are rigorous standards that participants must meet in order to successfully complete the program, but for many this remains an excellent alternative to a trial and the potential of a criminal conviction for drug possession.

Even if your case cannot be diverted to Calgary's drug court program, an experienced defence lawyer may be able to have your drug-related charges reduced or dismissed as part of a deal with law enforcement and Crown prosecutors. Because the nature of drug prosecutions is slowly changing, there is sometimes room for negotiation to enable those accused of simple drug possession to avoid a lifelong criminal record. This potential depends on the specifics of your case and any past drug-related issues, including any past legal trouble; a consultation with a Calgary defence lawyer would be necessary to determine the options available in any specific case.

For drug-related charges that can't otherwise be dealt with, a defence lawyer can still assist those accused by helping them respond to questions asked by law enforcement and Crown prosecutors, and by representing the accused in Calgary courts to ensure that they are treated fairly and given the best chance possible to put any drug-related charges behind them quickly and completely.

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