Hiring a Lawyer from the Same Place as the Court Appearance

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You may be wondering if you have to hire a lawyer within the same city or town that your court appearance is. 

Lawyers who are authorized to practice within the Province of Alberta are permitted to appear in any Alberta court. There are of course differences amongst regions within Alberta, in terms of local practices and procedures, but when it comes to actually representing an accused person in Alberta, a criminal defence lawyer can appear in any court jurisdiction within Alberta. 

Each individual criminal defence lawyer has their own practices in terms of where they would be willing to travel to within the Province to help you with your criminal or drug related charges. Some criminal defence lawyers like myself practice in several different jurisdictions within the Province. Others may restrict their practices to one or two towns or cities. 

Knowing the local practices and procedures is important and choosing a criminal defence lawyer who has that familiarity can be advantageous to you. 

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