Gun Theft Puts Calgary Police on Alert

An off-duty officer of the Calgary Police Service was placed on seven-day paid leave following  theft of a police department assault rifle from his personal vehicle.

According to the officer, the gun was taken from his Subaru, a non-departmental vehicle, while parked in front of a local Calgary business. The gun was in a locked hard case but was "improperly tethered" to the vehicle, allowing the theft to take place.

The officer was taking the assault rifle to his home for a cleaning, he reported, though this is not standard procedure, according to Calgary Police Superintendent Kevan Stuart.

If our investigation determines there is any Criminal Code breaches that put the public safety and officers' safety (at risk), this officer's career is in huge jeopardy, Stuart said. We hold our officers to a very high standard, and this will be an extensive investigation.”

While many officers bring their handguns home during off-duty hours, assault rifles are rarely taken off police property except during use in official police business.

I'm going to say that right out, and I know that's going to create some controversy: we do not want our officers taking their firearms home. There's nothing good that can come of that, Stuart said.

Stuart also stressed that Calgary Police officers must follow the same laws as all Canadians when it comes to possessing and using firearms, and that the department is conducting an extensive search and investigation to locate the stolen weapon.

Anyone with information is urged to call 911 immediately, and not to attempt to touch or recover the weapon if sighted.