Facing an Assault Charge in Calgary: A Defence Lawyer's Tips

It's all too easy to find yourself facing a common assault charge in Calgary. As you might know if you've read any of my other blog posts on the topic, you can be charged with assault for purposefully touching anybody in an unwanted way, whether or not it causes injury, and even for simply threatening violence with words or gestures.

That's right: you don't even have to touch someone to have committed assault in the eyes of Calgary law.

As you can imagine, this means common assault charges are very, well, common in Calgary frequently occurring following disputes between couples, friends, and acquaintances both in private and in public. Because it's so easy to meet the legal threshold for an assault charge, many people accused of this crime in Calgary make the mistake of thinking it's no big deal, and that makes them prone to making further mistakes that can seriously harm their case.

You need to understand that a common assault charge can have a serious impact on your life. If you've been charged with assault in the Greater Calgary Area, here are three tips to help your case go as smoothly and successfully as possible.

1. DO NOT Contact the Complainant/Alleged Victim(s)
You might have an existing friendship or other relationship with the person you've allegedly assaulted. You might have other friends in common, and it can be tempting to think that you can solve the problem by reaching out to discuss your assault case with the alleged victim.

This is a great way to make the problem even worse both interpersonally and legally. Don't do it. Don't communicate directly, and don't have people pass on messages for you. It almost always makes things worse.

2. DO NOT Discuss the Assault Case on Social Media
Similarly, discussing your case on social media tends to be a bad idea. Though this area of law is still evolving, what you say online can be used as evidence in your assault case and could potentially lead to further charges for harassment, depending on what is said and the specific circumstances of your assault case.

This is especially important if you and the alleged assault victim(s) are connected on social media either directly or through mutual friends, again, you should have no contact, direct or indirect, with the alleged assault victim.

3. DO Contact an Experienced Calgary Defence Lawyer ASAP
As with any instance in Calgary or Canada at large where someone is arrested and/or accused of a crime, when you are charged with common assault in Calgary you are entitled to consult with a criminal defence lawyer as soon as is practically possible. Contacting a defence lawyer before answering law enforcement questions or making any statements is the best way to protect your rights are protected and that your defence proceeds as effectively as possible from the very first steps in your case.

If you've been charged with assault in the Greater Calgary Area and would like a free initial consultation with an experienced Calgary defence lawyer, please contact the office of Susan Karpa today.