Even a Calgary Defence Lawyer Wouldn't Represent Themselves

When you've been charged with a serious crime in Calgary, your defence is serious business. You'll be dealing with the Calgary Police or other law enforcement officers, Crown prosecutors, the rules for criminal defence cases in the Calgary courts, and judges. You're facing a complex and often unforgiving system that you've probably never faced before and probably never will again, but everyone else everyone on the other side works in that system every day.

That's why the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives everyone charged with a crime in Canada the right to consult with a lawyer throughout the progress of their criminal case. Without the knowledge an experienced Calgary defence lawyer brings to the table, you are highly unlikely to get the best possible outcome from your defence.

Still, every year all too many Calgarians decide to represent themselves in criminal defence cases. These combined decisions are probably responsible for many thousands of dollars in fines and years in jail that, in many cases, could likely have been avoided. Seeking outside counsel from a legal professional is the first and best way for the average citizen of Calgary to achieve the best possible defence.

In fact, it's even best for Calgary defence lawyers.

Legal Knowledge Isn't the Only Benefit of Calgary Defence Lawyers

Practically every Calgary defence lawyer will tell you it's a bad idea to represent yourself. Even most defence lawyers wouldn't represent themselves if they were charged with a crime, because it's not simply a matter of having the necessary experience and legal knowledge to navigate the criminal justice system. Partnering with a criminal defence lawyer brings additional benefits that not even the best lawyer can provide themselves.

Your lawyer is your adviser, and a whole lot more. Having a second set of eyes on the details of your case, and a second perspective that is able to view the facts and your options more objectively, gives you a much more solid foundation for building your defence. No matter how good a given lawyer is, they wouldn't be able to distance themselves from the details of their own defence to have the necessary point of view. They, like everyone else in Calgary charged with a crime, need compassionate yet honest and forthright representation from someone who can view the case from all angles.

Having separate legal counsel also makes the defence process easier at every stage. From answering law enforcement's questions to speaking with witnesses to presenting a case at trial, if need be, the role of the accused and the role of the defence lawyer are always different. Anyone trying to represent themselves including a defence lawyer will have to try to play both roles at all times. That's a recipe for disaster, which is why almost any lawyer would avoid it, and would advise their colleagues, their friends, and their family to avoid it, too.

You're Not Alone: Contact a Calgary Defence Lawyer Today

Representing yourself is a bad idea, and thinking you have no one to call is no excuse. For a free initial consultation with a dedicated Calgary defence lawyer, please contact my office today.