Drunk Driving in Calgary Still a Major Issue Heading Into 2016

A lot has happened in Calgary and throughout Canada this year, and many of the issues we've been facing and stories we've been paying attention to will continue to play a big part in our lives in the coming year. From the recent national elections to Alberta's economic difficulties to various global crises that are making international headlines, there are a lot of big stories that can have both direct and indirect impacts on our lives here in Calgary.

There's another kind of story we've been seeing a lot of here in Calgary a kind of story that usually only concerns a few people both directly and indirectly, but that has the potential to affect anyone in Calgary at any given moment. I'm referring to the many headlines we continue seeing about DUI cases here in Calgary; though unfortunately common, recent crashes related to impaired driving and even updates on years-old DUI cases continue to make for big news.

This is an issue that Calgary law enforcement and the Calgary media have high on their list of priorities, and that's something every driver in Calgary needs to be aware of.

Why Publicity Matters for DUI Defence Cases

The law is supposed to treat everyone fairly, and in general it succeeds at doing this. Those who are accused of crimes have the right to partner with an experienced defence lawyer to help with their case, are entitled to an opportunity to examine the evidence against them, and must receive a fair trial where they are able to present their own evidence and arguments in an attempt to be found not guilty.

In impaired driving or DUI cases, the deck is already stacked against the accused. There are automatic penalties that apply from the moment of an impaired driving arrest, before any trial takes place; it can be very difficult to prove that testing equipment may have been faulty or that proper procedures weren't followed; and then there's the onus or stigma that comes with simply being accused of drunk driving, the assumption of guilt isn't just seen in the penalties the law hands down, but in the public opinion that tends to follow a DUI headline.

While those headlines don't directly influence the application of law in any specific DUI case, the aggressive attitude towards investigating and prosecuting DUIs can and likely does have an impact on law enforcement efforts and on Crown prosecutors' and judges' perspectives when it come sto handling these crimes. Impaired driving should always be avoided for reasons of health and safety, and as long as DUIs remain a source for major headlines in Calgary they should also be treated as having serious legal and social repercussions that can be difficult to surmount.

A Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer Can Help

Difficult doesn't mean impossible, and with an experienced defence lawyer by your side, your chances of beating an impaired driving charge are greatly improved. For a Calgary DUI lawyer who's ready to fight for you, please contact my office today.