Drug Offences and Calgary DUIs

Drunk driving remains a common cause of cases making their way through the Calgary courts, but not all DUI cases begin with alcohol consumption. Detection and evidence gathering by the Calgary Police can be more complex endeavors for impaired driving cases involving substances other than alcohol, but DUI cases involving other drugs are still vigorously prosecuted.

Drug-related DUI charges can also lead to just as much trouble as drunk driving offences, and arguably even more so in some cases. Make sure you know the legal risks involved whenever you get behind the wheel of your car with a controlled substance in your system, or you might find yourself at the mercy of Calgary Police and Alberta's impaired driving laws.

Prescription Drugs and Other Controlled Substances Can Result in DUI Charges

Marijuana, cocaine, and other illegal drugs can result in more than simple possession charges, if you're driving a car on Calgary's streets with an illegal drug in your system, you can be charged with a DUI in addition to the basic drug offence.

Even if you no longer have any of the illegal drug in your possession, if Calgary Police have reason to suspect that you have been impaired by ingesting any substance, they can require you to accompany them for the purpose of administering tests to determine what substance, if any, is in your system. Whether or not they find any other evidence of drug use, and regardless of the level of impairment, if they find illegal substances in your system you will likely be charged with a DUI.

Drugs don't have to be illegal to result in a DUI charge, either. There are many prescription drugs that can impair your driving ability; even when taken legally and according to a doctor's instructions, if your driving ability is impaired you can find yourself in Calgary court defending yourself against a driving under the influence charge.

Avoid the Legal and Physical Risks of a Calgary DUI

The best way to keep yourself protected, of course, is to avoid the possibility of a DUI by refusing to get behind the wheel if you have ANY amount of ANY controlled substance in your system, whether it's a drug you've been prescribed, alcohol, or a drug that is entirely illegal. Whether or not you feel your driving has been impaired, your legal options become more limited if there is evidence of recent drug use.

It is possible to face a DUI charge even when you've done everything right, though. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest, you are always entitled to consult with a Calgary defence lawyer in order to ensure that your rights are protected. Give yourself the best possible chance at putting your DUI charge behind you and returning to a normal and productive life by getting the expert assistance you deserve.

Contact Calgary DUI lawyer Susan Karpa today for a free consultation. You'll discuss the specifics of your case with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, and learn about the options you have for getting back to the life you want to lead.