Defending Calgary's People, Not Criminal Cases

From the outside in, and maybe even from reading some of the legal information articles on this site, it might seem like a criminal defence lawyer leaves little room for humanity. Full of rules, numbers, that special brand of legal logic and the calculations of justice, criminal defence can seem to have forgotten those being defended.

In reality, though, it's never difficult to see the human beings behind each calculation and impacted by every rule. Being an effective criminal defence lawyer here in Calgary means understanding that each and every person I see in my office, speak with over the phone, and/or represent in court is a unique and irreplaceable part of our larger community.

It means understanding what's important for them, their family, their neighborhood, and Calgary as a whole.

I began practicing criminal defence law not simply because I enjoy and am skilled with the legal processes involved, though I do, and I am, but because I knew it to be a more human part of the legal profession than most other areas. I kept my practice in Calgary because I know and love the people of this area, and want to make sure they know they are cared for as people, not simply as cases.

Some cases can be simpler than others, but all people deserve the same level of attention, caring, and effort from their criminal defence lawyer. Without room for humanity, there is no real criminal defence.