Defence for All of Calgary's Accused

Our neighbor to the south has seen many law enforcement-related stories hit the international news of late, and not for good reason.

While it would be naive, or worse, wilfully blind, to assert that Calgary has not dealt with it's own race-based issues, including some involving law enforcement, we can be thankful that we haven't had to deal with anything of the magnitude of the several recent incidents that took place in the United States.

While Calgary doesn't tend to see many accusations of race-based inequality in law enforcement, though, there is no doubt that certain inequalities do exist. Everyone is entitled to a rigorous and thorough defence, but not everyone gets it.

All too often, a defence is lacking due to simple naïveté. Most people in Calgary don't know what they're entitled to, let alone how to best pursue their interests in court, and they end up lost as soon as they're accused.

My role as a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary is to ensure that everyone in our city gets the full defence they deserve under the law. While I do not believe or contend that Calgary Police willfully treat Calgary's citizens unjustly as a matter of routine practice, I have witnessed first-hand that the system is stacked against the naïve.

I aim to continue publishing useful information on this site to help Calgary come to its own defence against a variety of accusations and charges, and to continue offering my services as a defence lawyer to any in Calgary who need them.

No one deserves anything less.