Defence Brings Balance to Calgary's Criminal Justice System

There's a lot more to criminal defence law than many outsiders realize. It isn't just about keeping innocent people out of jail, though that's unquestionably an important part of the job, and it certainly isn't about preventing those guilty of serious crimes from facing any consequences (despite the way the job is often portrayed in movies and TV dramas).

Criminal defence law is about ensuring fairness in the system, providing a balance to the efforts of Calgary law enforcement and Crown prosecutors.

Everyone working in the criminal justice system, Calgary Police officers, social workers who perform outreach with at-risk families, prosecutors, judges, and criminal defence lawyers, are tasked with making Calgary a safe and happy place to live for everyone in it, and a city that gives fair and equally accessible opportunities to all.

Without criminal defence lawyers working on the behalf of individual citizens and residents, everyone in Calgary would be at risk for unfair or misguided accusations and prosecutions. My job, and the job of all defence lawyers, is to provide knowledge and expertise that the average person simply doesn't have, helping them navigate a system that would otherwise be overwhelming.

This is not to suggest that law enforcement and Crown prosecutors are somehow out to get the average Calgary resident, any more than defence lawyers are there to see that no one faces consequences for their choices and actions. It is their job to protect everyone from the few who choose to break the law, and it is my job to protect the rights and interests of those few, and the others who mistakenly get caught in the net.

Balance is necessary for a just society, and criminal defence law provides an essential ballast that keeps Calgary on an even keel.