Contacting a Calgary Defence Lawyer for Your Assault Charge

Somehow a fight broke out; maybe you were involved, maybe you weren't but somehow you've found yourself in the back of a Calgary Police vehicle and heading off to be processed and charged with assault. You know you need an experienced criminal defence lawyer to help you out, and you know you need one sooner rather than later, but you don't know how to make that first call, or who exactly you should be calling.

When you've been charged with an assault in Calgary, calling a lawyer should be the first thing you do to defend your case, and it should happen as soon as possible. It should also be relatively easy to make that call, stressful, perhaps, but the process is straightforward and the right defence lawyer will quickly put you at ease. If you or a family member has found yourself in the position described above, here's everything you need to know about contacting a defence lawyer for your Calgary assault charge.

1. Calgary Police Must Let You Contact a Lawyer As Soon As Possible

Inform the Calgary Police officers who have arrested or detained you that you would like to contact a criminal defence lawyer as the earliest possible opportunity, before answering any questions or discussing your case. This is a request that law enforcement officials must comply with, and in fact they are supposed to inform you of your right to legal counsel upon your arrest. They also need to tell you what you're being charged with, if you're being arrested; you do not need to provide any information other than identifying yourself.

2. Know Your Criminal Defence Lawyer Before You Make the Call

After you've requested to speak to a Calgary-area defence lawyer, try to remain calm, and wait until you are given the opportunity to make a phone call. Law enforcement officers should give you the materials necessary to select a lawyer, and you can also contact a family member and ask them to find and contact a lawyer on your behalf. You want a defence lawyer who has successfully handled cases like yours before, and the pressure picking a lawyer while in custody at a police station might not lead to the best decision. Having someone do a bit of research before choosing a lawyer can be a good thing.

3. Let Your Calgary Defence Lawyer Handle Your Assault Defence

After you've contacted a defence lawyer, the best thing you can do to help your defence is relax, take a deep breath, and let your lawyer handle the rest. Your defence lawyer will have far more experience talking to the Calgary Police and handling the legal ins and outs of your case, and your case will progress more smoothly and more advantageously if you let your legal professional do the work they have years of experience doing. There will be decisions for you to make with your lawyer's advice and assistance, but when you find a Calgary defence lawyer you can trust those decisions are far easier.

A Calgary Defence Lawyer for All Assault Charges

Susan Karpa has a long track record of successfully defending those accused with assault in Calgary. For a free initial consultation with this Calgary-area defence lawyer, contact her office today.