Choosing a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

Though hiring a criminal defence lawyer is by no means a requirement of Canada's criminal justice system, many people who have been accused of crimes will find it beneficial to speak with a trained, knowledgeable, and experienced professional at certain points in their case, and quite possibly to have that lawyer represent them in a criminal defence trial. Deciding you want a lawyer and choosing the right one for you from the many Calgary area criminal defence lawyers available are two different things, though.

Any criminal defence lawyer licensed to practice in Alberta will doubtless provide a competent defence for their clients, but there are other considerations you might want to take into account when finding the right lawyer for your case. Here are a few features that can be useful to consider when perusing the listings of Calgary criminal defence lawyers.

Get Comfortable With Your Defence Lawyer

Knowledge of the law and the ability to provide you with a vigorous defence are of course essential qualities for a successful criminal defence lawyer, but you should also find someone you're comfortable working with. A lawyer who helps you feel at ease during what can be one of the most difficult periods in your life can makes the entire criminal defence process far more manageable. You want your lawyer to be able to work with you in a personable fashion, one human being to another.

Make Sure Your Lawyer is Listening

Calgary is a friendly city, and most people will willingly lend an an ear if asked. For a criminal defence lawyer, listening is a big part of the job description. Your story is the heart of your case, and the details can be important. An experienced criminal defence lawyer will listen carefully to your explanation of circumstances, and will ask questions to get the details they need. Effective listening is essential to mounting an effective defence.

Ask About Experience

Not all criminal defence lawyers in Calgary have the same experience handling different types of criminal defence cases. Many lawyers offer a [free initial consultation],  giving you an opportunity to hear about how they might handle your case based on their previous experiences and knowledge of the Calgary area court systems. Find a lawyer who inspires confidence in you, and who is able to put some of your worries at ease with explanations of what to expect. The better prepared you and your lawyer are, the better your criminal defence case will develop.

Start Your Search Today

If you are facing a criminal charge and would like to speak to a criminal defence lawyer, there's no time like the present to get started. Please contact Susan Karpa and see if she's the right Calgary criminal defence lawyer for you and your case. With an office in downtown Calgary, Susan Karpa serves clients in the surrounding areas including Cochrane, Okotoks, Turner Valley, Airdrie, Didsbury, and Strathmore, to name a few.

There's no obligation and no cost at all for the initial conversation, and you can get the preliminary advice you need before deciding how to proceed.