Calgary Spring Keeps Everyone Smiling

Winter is finally showing signs of giving up, and that makes me as happy as anyone else in Calgary. Soon I'll be able to keep the office windows open, go for a nice stroll when I need a break from the desk-bound life of a defence lawyer, and get set for the coming Calgary summer and the quickened pace of the city as everything comes to life.

Defence law doesn't always seem to leave time to dwell on the happier moments of life, but I do what I do precisely so that everyone in the Calgary area has the best chance possible to enjoy their lives and everything our city has to offer. The fresh springtime air is something people ought to be able to enjoy free from legal worries, and that's what I work towards.

If there wasn't a human element to criminal defence law, it isn't the kind of law I'd be practicing. If  I didn't have an understanding of how valuable a few hours of warm sunshine could be, I wouldn't be any good as a defence lawyer. My knowledge of the law makes me effective, but it's my passion for people that makes me successful.

Spring is all about growing, rebuilding after the barrenness of winter. Defence law is the same giving people a chance to recover from mistakes, or to protect them from the mistakes of others, and ensure they have a chance to rebuild a more flourishing life.

Life seems as bleak as a Calgary midwinter when you're facing a criminal charge, but spring is always just around the corner. I love that my job as a defence lawyer helps me bring that metaphorical spring a step closer for my clients.