Calgary Police Suspect Recent Shooting is Gang Related

In what appears to be a direct carryover of the gang violence Calgary was witness to in the previous decade, a man with long-suspected ties to several criminal organizations was shot in front of his Arbour Lake home in Calgary on Thursday, August 27.

Despite efforts made by his neighbors to revive him, the victim died at the scene before Calgary Police or Calgary Emergency Services could arrive.

Gang violence and gang enrollment have been down significantly in recent years, due both to law enforcement efforts in dismantling gang leadership and, arguably more importantly, due to efforts by both Calgary Police and other Calgary city services to offer greater outreach to the at-risk communities and youth who have traditionally been a part of Calgary's gangs.

There has been a recent outbreak of increased violence, though, solely targeted against known or suspected gang members. While the average Calgary citizen has nothing to fear, those with family members who may be involved in gangs or susceptible to pressure from gangs should carefully consider the potential harm that can come to them from increased gang activity and from the response by Calgary Police and other law enforcement.

Anyone involved in a gang, or who is being pressured to become involved with a gang, can access certain Calgary city services to help them avoid gang affiliation and illegal activity, becoming safer and a more integrated part of the Calgary community. You can learn more at the City of Calgary's website.