Calgary Home Raid Leads to Drug Trafficking Charges

Following tips from neighbors and a two-week investigation, Calgary Police raided a home on Taralake Way in late July. Drugs, cash, and weapons were seized as a result of the raid, and charges were brought against two residents who were home at the time of the raid.

Among the charges laid against the two individuals were charges of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking. This charge carries the risk of far more serious consequences than a simple possession charge, as the intent to sell drugs is seen as a far more serious criminal and public safety issue for Calgary residents than the possession of drugs for personal use.

Possession of substances such as methamphetamine and cocaine is still unequivocally illegal for Calgary residents, however the trafficking charges add a new element to this case and heighten the penalties that may be faced by the accused parties.

"At this time, we don't believe that they're connected to any larger organized crime groups," Said Staff Sgt. Martin Schiavetta of the Calgary Police Service. He went on to emphasize that this investigation had been focused on street-level drug sales, and that the two arrested were not suspected of the large-scale trafficking of drugs into Calgary.

Direct home raids by the Calgary Police and other law enforcement agencies are relatively rare, and they must follow strict legal guidelines when being carried out. When law enforcement agencies fail to follow proper protocol, they run the risk of trampling on citizen's rights and potentially having evidence and charges dismissed.