Avoiding Assault Charges in Calgary: Tips From a Top Defence Lawyer

Charges for simple assault are all too easy to come by here in Calgary. Simply making an intimidating gesture or verbal threat of violence that you might reasonably carry out could be grounds for a criminal charge, as can having any sort of visible weapon and impeding someone's progress.

You don't even have to touch someone to have committed a criminal assault here in Calgary.

Unsurprisingly, many assault charges in Calgary occur after one or more of the people involved in the incident have been drinking. Alcohol reduces inhibitions and impairs judgment, making violence, or the threat of violence, seem like a more reasonable reaction to many disagreements.

With that in mind, here are three tips from a top Calgary defence lawyer on avoiding an assault charge while trying to enjoy a night on the town.

1. Walk Away From Arguments
No matter how wrong the other person is, no point of pride is worth a potential prison sentence, or the legal hassle that follows even the most minor assault incidents. If things start getting heated, just turn around and walk away.

2. Leave All Weapons At Home
When people hear the word "weapon" they frequently think of guns. While you should definitely be leaving your guns at home when you're heading out for an evening of fun, you shouldn't stop there. Even having something like a pocket knife in your possession during an altercation can change your legal situation.

Leave anything that might be considered a weapon at home. With the right attitude in place, you won't need one, anyway.

3. Cooperate With Law Enforcement
If you end up involved in a physical incident, don't argue with law enforcement when they arrive, and don't try to explain how the incident is someone else's fault. Obey law enforcement orders, provide identifying information, and if you are arrested or charged with a crime request to speak with a Calgary criminal a defence lawyer immediately.