Airdrie Growth and Imported Calgary Crime?

The Airdrie RCMP has requested 24 additional officers to be added to their force over the next three years eight officers added each year from 2015 to 2017 at an estimated cost of about $6 million, according to Alderman Allan Hunter, who is also a member of the police advisory committee.

"This addresses the growth we are at right now," said Hunter. We were at critical mass a while ago. We have looked at all of our options and this is the best way to achieve safety in our community. We have responsibilities to protect our citizens and we need to give officers every tool and support so they can come home to their families at the end of the day."

Rapid growth in Airdrie itself as well as "imported crime" from neighboring Calgary have been cited as reasons for the additional requested officers. The ratio of police personnel to citizens in Airdrie is also significantly lower than the ratio is Calgary itself; Airdrie currently has one law enforcement officer for every 1,370 residents, compared to one officer or staff member for every 400 residents in the CIty of Calgary.

The new officers will be paid for by the Alberta government and by Airdrie taxpayers, which could result in a tax increase in the neighborhood. Hunter and Staff Sergeant Gordon Sage say that any tax increase would be justified by the increased safety for Airdrie residents and businesses.