A Drug Offence in Calgary Can Use a Defence Lawyer's Touch

If you've been arrested for or charged with a drug offence in Calgary, your best chance at putting the charge behind you quickly and completely is partnering with an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Just as Calgary Police, other law enforcement officers, and Crown prosecutors have extensive experience in gathering evidence and presenting cases to obtain convictions, defence lawyers have understanding and experience with the related laws and criminal justice procedures that can help mitigate punishments and in many cases settle cases without a criminal conviction. An experienced criminal defence lawyer may be able to mitigate the outcome of your drug offence case; though you are not required to partner with a lawyer, it can frequently lead to a better outcome and a less stressful ordeal.

Your Right to a Defence Lawyer for Your Calgary Drug Charge

Section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives everyone in Canada charged with or even accused of a crime the right to consult with a defence lawyer. The law recognizes that the average citizen does not have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide their own effective defence, especially in light of the experience possessed by law enforcement officers and Crown prosecutors, many citizens won't ever face a criminal charge, yet Calgary Police and court officials deal with such charges every day.

Drug offences remain a common type of criminal charge in the Calgary area; law enforcement agents and prosecutors handle these types of cases more regularly than most others. This means they know how to work quickly to secure a lawful conviction, which is (in part) their job. Because drug-related charges are something they have a great deal of experience with, you are at a disadvantage when you try to defend yourself against these charges on your own.

Your right to a defence lawyer exists so you can bring balance back to the criminal justice equation, partnering with a defence lawyer whose experience handling drug offence cases matches the experience brought by the Calgary Police and Calgary-region Crown prosecutors. You'll learn about options for your defence and the outcome of your case that you may not have known about otherwise, you'll have someone who knows how to respond to police and court officials in a way that best protects your rights and interests, and you'll have someone whose full-time job it is to know the law and apply it so that you get the consideration and justice you deserve.

Free Calgary Drug Offence Consultations With an Experienced Defence Lawyer

You shouldn't have to face your Calgary drug charge alone, and the law says you don't have to. For a free consultation with experienced criminal defence lawyer Susan Karpa, contact her today. You'll discuss the details of the drug offence you've been charged with and the circumstances that caused the charge to be laid against you, and discuss the options you have available to you as your case moves forward. Get the experience of a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer, and don't let a drug charge lead to unnecessary life-long consequences.