A Calgary DUI Lawyer's Tips for Your Defence: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, you read that your best defence against an impaired driving or "DUI" charge in Calgary is to avoid getting one in the first place. It might seem like unimpressive advice, but it's the most important thing for everyone to keep in mind, for both their legal and their personal safety. Not only is it dangerous to drive while you're intoxicated, but you're at serious legal risk and facing serious consequences if you drive when you even might be intoxicated or have intoxicants in your system.

Of course, my work as a DUI defence lawyer here in Calgary has given me more insights on how you can best assist your defence against impaired. After doing your best to avoid DUI charges altogether, here are my other top tips.

Comply with Lawful Requests from Calgary Police

Under Alberta's DUI laws, the Calgary Police (and RCMP officers throughout the province) can pull over any vehicle they suspect is being operated by an impaired driver. You don't have to violate another traffic law first; if the officer believes you are driving erratically or has other reason to believe you are impaired, they can pull you over.

Once you are pulled over, whether because the officer already suspects you are impaired or because they think you committed a traffic violation (i.e. speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign, etc.), the officer can require you to perform a roadside sobriety test and/or to submit to a breathalyzer test. Refusing to comply with either of these requests can lead to an entirely separate criminal charge in addition to any impaired driving charge, and it won't help protect you from a DUI charge, either.

It is in your best interests to comply calmly and politely with all lawful requests from law enforcement officers. You don't have to answer questions beyond establishing your identity, but you do need to submit to sobriety tests.

Pay Attention to Important Court Dates and Paperwork

Your Calgary defence lawyer will be able to assist you with much of the paperwork and other bureaucratic hurdles that make up your DUI defence, but you need to stay on top of things, too. Incorrect information on official documents can lead to holdups and delays, and missing a court date can be very damaging to your case. Until your charges are behind you, your defence needs to be a priority in your life.

Contact a Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer As Soon As Possible

The last piece of advice is one of the most important. Partnering with an experienced Criminal defence lawyer is one of the best ways to assist in your defence against DUI charges. They do a lot more than paperwork, helping you plan a defence strategy, negotiate with Crown prosecutors, and navigate the Calgary courts and the criminal justice system. You'll have someone fighting in your corner and keeping track of your case so it presents a minimal disruption to your life while still progressing effectively.

For a free initial consultation with a dedicated DUI defence lawyer, please contact my Calgary office today.