A Calgary Defence Lawyer's Top Tips Regarding Assault Cases

Simple or common assault is a frequently-laid charge in the Greater Calgary Area, but that doesn't mean it isn't a serious legal charge with serious potential consequences. Make no mistake: if you find yourself charged with simple assault, you could be facing significant fines, probation, and even jail time. For assault charges that are tried as indictable offences, you could even find yourself in jail for years!

Knowing how serious these cases can be is a good first step in protecting yourself against the negative consequences of an assault conviction. Hopefully those consequences help you think twice before becoming involved in a situation that could potentially lead to an assault charge. Here are three more tips, from a Calgary defence lawyer to you, when it comes to knowing and protecting your rights regarding assault charges.

1. Common Assault Charges Are All Too Common in Calgary
You can be charged with assault for any intentional, unwanted physical contact made with another person. You don't have to cause any injury and it doesn't matter whether you feel justified or what sparked the incident to begin with. If you initiate physical contact with someone, a punch, a shove, even simply putting your hand on them, you can be charged with assault.

You can even find yourself facing an assault charge if you haven't touched someone at all. If you make an intimidating gesture or a verbal threat of violence, or if you impede someone's progress, step in front of them and block their path, while carrying any sort of weapon, that alone can warrant an assault charge.

Your best bet is staying away from aggressive situations, and walking away if anyone starts to become aggressive with you. No argument is worth a criminal charge.

2. Arguing With Calgary Police is a Bad Idea
When the Calgary Police are called to a scene for a possible assault, or if they see an altercation happening and come to break things up, trying to argue with them at the scene is a very bad idea. Chances are tensions will be running high for everyone involved, including you, the other individual(s) involved in the possible assault, and the police themselves. Trying to iron out all the difference and make the police understand your point of view right then and there is not a winning strategy.

Comply with law enforcement requests. Answer basic questions regarding your identity. If you are detained, arrested, and/or charged with any crime, including assault, ask to speak to a Calgary defence lawyer

3. Your Calgary Defence Lawyer is Your Best Asset in an Assault Case
You are always entitled to speak with a defence lawyer any time you are arrested, detained, or charged. Your lawyer will help you understand the law, plan an effective strategy for your defence, and ensure your voice is hear, your rights are protected, and your best interests are fought for. To contact a Calgary defence lawyer today, click here.