A Calgary Defence Lawyer's Advice for Your Assault Case

Assault is a common charge in the Calgary courts, and a frequent cause for arrests made by the Calgary Police Service. This is due in part to the broad range of acts that fall under the legal definition of "assault" including verbal threats and gestures of intimidation that do not result in actual physical violence.

The broad nature of criminal assault also makes it impossible to give directly relevant advice to anyone in Calgary who has been accused of assault without knowing the full circumstances the led to their criminal charge. There are too many variables that go into each assault charge and each assault defence case to make any sort of speculation reasonable.

There are, however, certain pieces of general advice that I can offer from my perspective as an experienced Calgary defence lawyer who has worked with many clients accused of assault.

First, always be completely honest with your criminal defence lawyer. Answer their questions completely so they have all the information they need about the events leading to your assault charge, that's the only way they'll be able to provide you with a comprehensive and vigorous defence.

Second, don't make any efforts to contact the alleged assault victim. Even a well-intentioned attempt to resolve the issue is far more likely to make matters worse.

Third, do not discuss your assault case on social media and limit your other conversations about the case, as well. This is good advice no matter what criminal charge you are facing, and can be even more beneficial in assault cases where the accused and the alleged victim have mutual friends and acquaintances.

For more specific help with your Calgary assault case, please contact my office today.