A Calgary Defence Lawyer Explains Why Simple Assault is Anything But Simple

Think an assault charge in Calgary is no big deal? A defence lawyer explains why you should think again.

There's a misconception about assault charges in Calgary. Because it's often referred to as "simple assault," many of those accused of the crime assume it's a minor charge that can easily be dealt with or may even go away on its own. Unfortunately, the only thing that's simple about Calgary's simple assault law is how simple it is to find yourself facing a criminal charge for breaking it. After that, controlling the impact this charge can have on your life and raising an effective defence against it are anything but simple.

Calgary's Simple or "Common" Assault Law Covers More Than You Think

Simple assault is also often known as "common assault," and this second name is much more fitting: assault is one of the most common charges laid by the Calgary Police and Crown prosecutors and brought before the Calgary courts. This is because the law defining common or simple assault covers a wide range of actions avoiding the legal definition of assault is actually more complicated than you might think.

No one has to be hurt for an assault to have taken place. Any unwanted physical contact can potentially rise to the level of criminal assault, even if it's simply grabbing someone's arm or pacing a hand on them to hold them back. In fact, there doesn't even need to be physical contact in order for an assault charge to be laid against you; brandishing a weapon, making verbal threats of violence, or standing in someone's way to block their path are also violations of Calgary's simple or common assault law.

And though it's easy to be charged with assault in Calgary, your defence is another matter entirely.

A Calgary Defence Lawyer is Your Best Asset Against an Assault Charge

Because assault charges are so common, the Calgary Police and local Crown prosecutors are very well-versed in moving these cases through the courts. Those accused of assault, on the other hand, are likely facing criminal charges for the first time in their lives, and often have no idea what they're up against or how to raise an effective defence. They're at a significant disadvantage, in a system that isn't designed to help them.

Without a guide, they're lost.

That's why a dedicated Calgary defence lawyer one with experience handling assault cases, is such an important asset. Their familiarity with Calgary's criminal justice system, with the law, and with those who are trying to convict you can help you plan and implement a more effective defence strategy, giving you the best chance possible at putting your charge behind you quickly and completely. Partnering with the right lawyer means your future is less in question, minimizing the impact an assault charge has on your career, your family, and your life.

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