A Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer Looking For Balance

As I've mentioned previously in this blog, I started out as a Crown prosecutor here in Calgary before I moved to criminal defence law. There are several factors that influenced my decision, but as I look at new laws being passed and changing attitudes in Canadian society I'm reminded of one in particular.

There is an entire system supported by taxpayers that is stacked against anyone accused of a crime. This system, in Calgary and in every city throughout the nation, is staffed by people who go to work every day with the goal of pursuing alleged criminals and getting them convicted. They have abundant knowledge and experience when it comes to pursuing those they think have committed crimes, it's their job.

This doesn't mean that members of the Calgary Police force, Crown prosecutors, and other members of the criminal justice system act unfairly, but it does mean that the system as a whole is unfair. The average Calgarian simply doesn't have equal footing when it comes to understanding the criminal justice system or the law.

My work as a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary is to provide some semblance of balance to the system. I bring my knowledge and experience to bear on behalf of clients who would otherwise be facing the behemoth of the criminal justice system all on their own.

By sharing what I know and putting my understanding to work, I give everyone accused of a crime in Calgary a fair shot, and that's the only way justice is truly served.