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I am a criminal defence lawyer who specializes in defending clients against criminal charges. When deciding on a lawyer to represent you in criminal matters, experience and results achieved are crucial considerations.

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The safety and health of my clients and staff are of utmost importance and my thoughts are with those who have been impacted. Read about my COVID-19 Policy

What Clients Say 

The moment I met Susan Karpa, I knew I was in good hands. She was of great support, and she helped me understand the process from beginning to end. She offered an excellent billing rate, went to all my court dates, got me in contact with other services and was always quick to respond to my emails and calls. My legal issue was resolved painlessly, and thanks to Susan, I was able to get everything withdrawn. I know that if I ever have any other problems, I'll come back to her!

EXPERIENCE IN criminal law 

When deciding on a lawyer to represent you in criminal matters, experience and results achieved are crucial considerations.

My experience is extensive and the results I achieve reflect the commitment to my clients and quality of work produced. I have spent my entire legal career practicing criminal law, both as a crown prosecutor, and as a defence lawyer. Throughout my time, working as a prosecutor, I prosecuted many high-profile cases and gained the inside knowledge that now gives me the cutting edge in defending my clients. I know and understand police and crown tactics and can use that to your advantage in knowing the strategies involving in obtaining the best possible outcome for your matter. As a defence lawyer, I have built a reputation of being a tireless and zealous advocate for my clients. I have successfully defended clients on a wide array of criminal offences from serious to minor, including property offences, firearms/weapons, sexual offences, drug offences, violent crimes, impaired driving, and murder.

With my extensive criminal law knowledge and experience, I am able to fully identify issues and defences in your case. Once I have reviewed the allegation against you, I am able to identify instances where your rights Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms may have been violated, or where the police have made errors. Once I have identified whether your rights were violated, and the errors the police have made, the remedies that I can seek from the court range from an exclusion of the evidence to a stay of proceeding to a withdrawal of the charges.

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I take my commitment to my clients seriously. I work hard to defend all criminal charges equally. Whether you have been charged with assault, a sexual offence, theft, drug trafficking, weapons offence or something else, I strive to ensure the best possible outcome.


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