Theft, Fraud, Forgery and Property Offences Cases 2013

R. v. S.R., 2013

Client was charged with possession of stolen property. Although the judge did not want to agree to time served for the client due to his lengthy criminal record, Ms. Karpa secured his immediate release for time served – no jail time.

R. v. T.C., 2013

Client plead guilty to theft and fraud related offence. Crown was seeking additional jail time for client with previous related record. Ms. Karpa successfully argued for significantly less jail time

R. v. B.K., 2013

Client was charged with mischief to property. Ms. Karpa presented a compelling argument to the Crown as to why the charge should be withdrawn. With Ms. Karpa’s persuasion, the charge was dropped. No conviction/no criminal record.

R. v. M.M., 2013

Client was charged with obstructing a police officer, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, robbery, and breaches of bail conditions. Ms. Karpa got the robbery charge withdrawn.

R. v. N.L., 2013

Client was charged with break and enter, possession of stolen property, theft of a motor vehicle, breaches of bail conditions, and failures to appear in court. Ms. Karpa successfully negotiated for a plea to less serious offences for the break and enter and possession/theft offences. Client received a term of probation.

R. v. M.G., 2013

Client charged with theft. Client was not eligible for the Alternative Measures program. Despite that, Ms. Karpa successfully convinced the Crown to drop the charge against her client.

R. v. S.P., 2013

The client was charged with theft for an allegation of shoplifting. After many discussions with the Crown, Ms. Karpa got the charge against her client withdrawn. No criminal record/no conviction.

R. v. J.F., 2013

The client was charged with several break and enters, theft over $5000, theft under $5000, and breaches of recognizance. Although the allegation of break and enter was serious, and although the client was already out on bail for other break and enter allegations, upon entering guilty pleas to some of the offences, the remaining offences were withdrawn and the client received a 6 month conditional sentence order. That means the client was released to serve the sentence in the community.

R. v. S.P., 2013

Client was charged with theft under $5000.00. Ms. Karpa convinced the Crown to agree to drop the charge against her client.