Why DUI Defence is Important to Calgary Society

Drunk driving or "DUI" offences can be pretty polarizing. There are many groups and individuals who flat-out condemn anyone accused of a DUI without wanting to look at the facts of the charge or the factors affecting the accused's actions and behaviors. Calgary defence lawyers who take on DUI cases are often also tarred with the same brush.

It is this very attitude towards DUI cases and DUI lawyers in Calgary that makes a robust, informed, and experienced defence for those accused of DUI infractions so important.

Everyone deserves a fair chance, no matter what crime or transgression they've been accused of. This right is of such importance that it's part of the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. In many cases, a defence lawyer is the only way for an accused to get that fair chance, another fact recognized by the Charter.

When it comes to DUI cases, the accused is often already behind the proverbial eight ball. Public opinion is already against them, whether or not they were actually driving while impaired and regardless of the specifics of their case. This can lead them to give up too easily, making it that much easier for law enforcement and prosecutors to proceed in a way that isn't necessarily in the best interests of justice or creating a happier and more productive Calgary.

As a criminal defence lawyer who handles Calgary DUI cases, it's my job to ensure that the accused's rights are all completely protected, and that they have the best chance possible of putting their DUI charge behind them quickly and completely.

DUIs can result from serious mistakes, but one mistake shouldn't ruin your life and certainly shouldn't suspend your rights or your worth as a human being.