No Defence for the Calgary Weather

Well, no one can claim that life in Calgary isn't exciting. No matter what your job or how you spend your days, there's no avoiding the weather, and there's no predicting it either.

I'm thinking, of course, about the surprise September snowstorm the Calgary area was treated to last week. Watching a gentle snowfall from my office in downtown Calgary can be a nice distraction after a few hours of defence-related paperwork, and cold weather can be great for clearing the head and getting invigorated when I have a case coming up in court. But that much snow that quickly really does a number on the city, especially when it's so unexpected.

So in my official opinion, we ought to issue a stiff warning to whoever's in charge of the snow around here. Give us another month, at least, and break us back in gradually. We'll love winter as long as we get autumn first; give us snow for days and we can take it.

But a blizzard in September? There's no defence for that. If we knew who to take a stand against, Calgary, I promise I'd be leading the charge.

Anyone with me?