How Calgary Police Detect DUIs, and How Calgary Defence Lawyers Can Help

When it comes to detecting DUI or impaired driving infractions in Calgary, law enforcement officers have increasingly sophisticated (though often problematic) technologies and techniques at their disposal. Impaired driving defence lawyers might not be quite so fortunate, needing to help their clients contend with Alberta's harsher laws and some of the automatic penalties they impose, but they can still be of tremendous assistance.

Understanding law enforcement's enhanced capabilities when it comes to pursuing drunk driving charges, and understanding how a Calgary DUI lawyer can help defend you against these charges, is an important part of protecting yourself against the extreme legal penalties that can result from a single mistake.

Calgary Police Can Demand Roadside Breath Tests from DUI Suspects

Your best bet, both in terms of ensuring your stay out of legal trouble and avoid physical harm, and protect the physical safety of those around you, is to never get behind the wheel of a car if you've been drinking or using any drugs. Drive safely and follow the rules, and you'll keep everyone safe and keep yourself off Calgary law enforcement's radar. Make some driving mistakes, though, even if you aren't intoxicated in the slightest, and you could find yourself pulled over and suspected of a DUI.

Under Alberta's new impaired driving laws, if Calgary Police or other law enforcement have a reasonable suspicion that someone is driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance, including alcohol and other drugs, they are authorized to demand a roadside breath analysis to test for alcohol. Furthermore, law enforcement can require drivers to perform a variety of field sobriety tests to determine if they are impaired by any substance, and if these tests suggest the driver is impaired that driver can be arrested and examined by a "Drug Recognition Expert" to identify what substance, if any, the driver has been intoxicated with.

If a driver fails to comply with a lawful request for a roadside breath analysis or with field sobriety tests, they can be arrested and criminally charged for this refusal alone. That means even if you aren't intoxicated, if your driving behavior gives Calgary Police reason to think you are and you refuse to comply with their lawful requests, you can end up charged with a DUI-related offence, not an impaired driving charge, but with the refusal to help determine if you are legally intoxicated or not. Despite that, there are many viable defences that can be put forward by an experienced criminal lawyer to try to overcome these allegations.

A Calgary DUI Defence Lawyer Can Help with Any Charges You Face

Whether you have been charged with a DUI or with failing to comply with a roadside breath test/field sobriety test, a Calgary DUI defence lawyer might be your best option when it comes to putting this incident behind you quickly and returning to a normal life. The sooner you call following your DUI arrest or after charges have been laid against you, the easier it will be to fully explore all of your options and mitigate the legal trouble you're facing. Contact Calgary DUI defence lawyer Susan Karpa for a free initial consultation, and get the help you need today.