Finding a Calgary Defence Lawyer for Impaired Driving Offences

New laws and harsher penalties imposed by Alberta's government have made impaired driving also known as driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated (DUI or DWI) less common in Calgary than it used to be, but there are still many residents of the Calgary area accused of impaired driving each year. Alcohol consumption, illicit drug use, and even prescription medication can lead to impaired driving offences, and even the most responsible drivers can find themselves facing an impaired driving charge.

Your Right to a Criminal Defence Lawyer for ANY Impaired Driving Charge

No matter what the cause of an impaired driving arrest or charge in the Calgary area courts, anyone accused of an impaired driving offence has the right to consult with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer. Whether the charge is brought due to a suspected blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limits of .005 (for an administrative offence) or .008 (which can lead to criminal charges) or for alleged impairment brought about by another substance, and whether the accused person was actually impaired at the time of the offence or not, a criminal defence lawyer may be able to help mitigate any penalties for an impaired driving offence or even possibly argue to have such charges dismissed.

Law enforcement officers in Calgary and throughout Alberta are required to allow you to speak with a criminal defence lawyer if you request one. Though not everyone facing a charge for impaired driving chooses to exercise this right, it is available and can be to your advantage. Criminal defence lawyers tend to understand DUI/DWI laws better than the average Calgary area resident, and are required to have a comprehensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, it's an essential part of the legal profession.

Selecting a Criminal Defence Lawyer for YOUR Top-Notch Impaired Driving Defence

Finding the right lawyer for you means not only selecting a Calgary-area defence lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to handle an impaired driving charge effectively, but also means finding a lawyer who will take the time to understand the circumstances surrounding your impaired driving charge and to understand how such an accusation affects your life. Every case is unique, just like every person, and impaired driving offences can be fraught with personal and individual complications.

Choose a lawyer you feel comfortable talking to. Honesty and openness are important features of the attorney-client relationship, and are a key part of developing a successful impaired driving defence. Make sure the criminal defence lawyer you select is also honest with you regarding what to expect as your case progresses, and is able to provide information relevant to understanding impaired driving offence procedures taken by Calgary and regional law enforcement agencies and area courts.

No matter where you are in your impaired driving or DUI/DWI case, if you would like a free consultation with an experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyer, please contact Susan Karpa today.