False Assault Charge in Calgary? Call a Lawyer!

The Calgary Police lay assault charges against people every day, and the Calgary courts hear defences against assault accusations almost as frequently. Because common assault is so broadly defined and so easily charged, as explained in a previous post it's little wonder that so many assault accusations result in criminal charges.

Sometimes, however, an assault accusation is completely without merit, arising from a fraudulent complaint that can nevertheless result in serious legal problems for the accused. Very little evidence is required for the Calgary Police to follow through with charges if a complaint regarding an assault is made, and though more proof is required to secure a conviction for assault before a Calgary judge, a defence lawyer is still your best bet when it comes to beating a false assault charge.

How a Lawyer Can Help Defend Against False Assault Accusations

Assault charges can proceed by way of summary conviction, or in a more serious fashion as an indictable offence. No matter which way the Crown proceeds, the effects of an assault conviction last much longer than the trial. The possibility of a conviction is very real even if the initial assault complaint was false and especially when the trial moves too quickly; understanding the nuances of the law and the different trial types is part of what makes a criminal defence lawyer valuable in your assault case.

The role of a Calgary defence lawyer is that of a knowledgeable and experienced advocate for the accused, ensuring their rights are protected and that they are given the best opportunity to provide a defence against any charges. This advocacy is of huge importance in assault cases, including assault cases tried as summary conviction offences. These proceedings can move so quickly that it becomes all but impossible for the average Calgary citizen to know what their rights and options are before it's too late.

A Calgary defence lawyer with experience handling assault cases will be able to help you plan ahead, preparing to present your evidence of a false assault charge at trial if need be, and possibly having your assault charges dismissed without a trial through discussions with Calgary police and Crown prosecutors. When a Calgary assault charge is completely false, the evidence supporting the charge is bound to be thin, and a defence lawyer can point this out in ways court officials may appreciate faster.

Contact a Calgary Defence Lawyer for Your Assault Charge Today

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