Drug Possession Arrests in Calgary and Your Legal Defence

As discussed in previous articles, drug use is increasingly seen in Canada and throughout the world as a public health issue rather than a matter of pure criminality. Drug offence arrests and prosecutions have been declining in Calgary for the past several years, in keeping with this trend (and with the overall decline in crime Calgary has been experiencing), but law enforcement still makes plenty of drug-related arrests every year. If you're the one detained or charged by Calgary Police with a drug offence, trends and statistics probably don't offer much in the way of reassurance.

There's good news even for Calgary residents caught up with the courts due to drug-related arrests and charges, though. There are a variety of defence options available to you, including diversion and treatment programs that can help you recover from drug addictions and dependencies while also helping avoid long-term legal problems. You also have the right to fight any charges against you; neither the Calgary Police or Calgary court officials can find you guilty of a drug offence simply based on an arrest. While a drug-related arrest is best avoided, it isn't the end of the world, either.

Working on Your Drug-Related Case with a Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

Whether you want to pursue a diversion or rehabilitation program following a drug-related arrest, hope to face only fines, or decide to fight a criminal drug offence charge in the Calgary courts, you are entitled to consult and work with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you better understand the legal circumstances surrounding your drug-related arrest, identify options for facing any subsequent charges that you might not otherwise be aware of, and work as your advocate with law enforcement and in the criminal justice system to get the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Being arrested is often a nerve-racking ordeal, and without expertise regarding the laws for drugs and controlled substances that contributed to your arrest it can be even more so. While you are not required to consult with a defence lawyer, even if your drug case goes before a judge in the Calgary courts, having someone by your side who knows the laws, knows the system, and knows the ins and outs of Calgary's current drug diversion programs can be a major benefit. Whether you were simply detained and are awaiting formal charges or were arrested during a law enforcement investigation, help is available and you don't have to face your Calgary drug charge alone.

Free Criminal Defence Consultations for Drug Offences Throughout the Calgary Area

If you or a family member has been arrested for a drug-related offence and/or charged with a drug-related crime, contact Calgary criminal defence lawyer Susan Karpa today for a free consultation. A detailed discussion of your drug-related case will help you better understand your options and the potential outcomes you're facing.