Criminal Defence in the Heart of Calgary

Practicing criminal defence law in Calgary can lead to many difficult decisions. One of the easier "conflicts" I deal with on a daily basis is trying to determine which makes me happier: the area of legal practice I've chosen, or the city I get to practice it in.

As much as I love my work as a criminal defence lawyer, there are times I need to step away from the office to take a breath and clear my head. With an office downtown mere blocks from the Bow River, and several parks that provide a green oasis in the middle of Calgary's urbanism, finding a bit of space and reminding myself how good I have it is almost criminally easy. Just heading into the office each morning gives me a fresh opportunity to see the diversity of people who call Calgary home, who after all are the reason I moved to criminal defence law in the first place.  Calgary and its citizens are always close to my heart, and as a dedicated criminal defence lawyer, I'm happy to be in Calgary's heart, too. No one ever knows what opportunities might come along, but for now I can't imagine being happier doing anything else or being anywhere else.