Criminal Defence and the Holiday Spirit

To the untrained eye, there might not be much about being a criminal defence lawyer that seems to embody the holiday spirit. The supposed cynicism that comes with a career in the legal world might seem to negate all of the "peace on Earth and goodwill towards men" sentiments that abound during Christmas time, especially in a city as boisterous about the holidays as Calgary.

Of course, I object to that uninformed judgment.

I see my job as a criminal defence lawyer for the people of the Calgary area as an important part of preserving peace and goodwill for everyone, no matter what their circumstances or what they're accused of. I believe in second chances, in compassion and understanding, and in a generosity of the spirit that gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.

The law embodies all of these things, too, by protecting the rights of Calgary's citizens and perhaps especially by protecting the rights of Calgary's accused persons. My role as a criminal defence lawyer is to uphold the law in the interests of the public good a public that includes those charged with criminal offences.

Everyone in Calgary deserves a happy holiday season, and that's what I work to give my clients and their families year-round. It might not make me one of Santa's elves, but I like to think it keeps me on the "Nice" list.